Canadian Casinos that Accept Paysafecard

PaysafeCard is a ticket system that provides users the ability to purchase a ticket and make real money transactions online safely. It has been available since 2000 and since has become a popular payment method with various online stores and online casinos. Paysafecard cards can be bought at over 450,000 retailers worldwide, including many Canadian retailers, and therefore makes it easy to obtain. However, the company recently the added the option to buy cards online and requires you only to register and create an account.

The nice thing about this service is that users can easily keep track of their spending. However, these cards can be combined to allow multiple cards into one. Card holders do not have to use the entire value on the PaysafeCard and can make multiple transactions as they wish over the course of 12 months from the date of purchase. This is one of the safest ways to make online purchase, especially for those who wish to control spending, as only funds added to the card can be accessed.

Pros and Cons of using PaysafeCard at an Online Casino

PaysafeCard is available worldwide, but are most common in countries such as Canada, and the U.K. The ticket system is easy to use and has many advantages, but unfortunately also a few disadvantages, which may not be a deterrant for most but for some may see them refrain from selecting this method.

The biggest advantage of using the Paysafecard is that users can manage how much they spend at a time. Tickets are easy to buy and are available instantly, thereby making it easy to use and safe. Transactions are completely untraceable and provide a level of anonymity, but still provides users with the ability to track balances via the Paysafe website or via its mobile app for iOS and Android. Completing a transaction requires no personal details, unless required by the merchant. This reduces the risk of personal information being compromised and someone gaining access to your account is eliminated as there are is not a direct account when using Paysafe.

For casino users, the biggest disadvantage is the fact that withdrawals are not possible with Paysafe. It means you need to use another e-wallet or bank account for any winnings to be paid. Buying a card at a retailer requires that you to keep it safe at all times as if you lose the card, it cannot be tracked and the risk of losing the outstanding funds is substantial.

How it Works?

To use the card at an online casino, you need to have the card with you as a 16-digit number appears on it. Once you’ve logged into the casino, select deposit, enter the value you would like to transfer and then provide your card details. The value select is instantly removed from the card balance and added to the casino selected. To check the remaining balance, you can enter the card number on the Paysafe website.


Regarding privacy, the Paysafecard is about the safest you can go. The system is not online, you do not have a personal Paysafecard account, and transactions are carried out instantly. The safest way is to buy cards is online and allows you to keep the 16-digit number in a safe place for your purchases and online shopping.