Canadian Casinos that Accept eCheck

eCheck is a convenient deposit method that allows you to deposit with an electronic check. What makes this a great option for Canadian players is that most eChecks are instant when playing with an online casino. While some may wait to credit accounts until the check has cleared, with most deposits, this is not the case.  The nice side to this method is it works in the exact same way that a standard check does. eCheck as a payment method is safe, fast and secure, and as with all deposit methods, it is processed using the latest in SSL software and encryption technology

The most common place you will find this option is with online casinos, and this is especially helpful for those in Canada as most Canadian banks will allow for the processing of eChecks. Generally, as mentioned, deposits are instant, should payment be returned, then an NSF fee will apply, and you will be responsible for the amount of your deposit plus that fee. There are no additional fees when depositing with an eCheck.

Pros and Cons of eCheck at Online Casinos

There are many advantageous to an eCheck. The first and most noticeable is the ease of use, as you simply need to select the amount you wish to deposit and proceed. Another is the high level of security that you access when depositing through the cashier of a casino and of course, the added benefit that deposits are instant means you do not have to wait as one would with a tradition check. A few other pros is the fact you are funding directly from your bank account, there are no fees, and no registration is needed. The cons are limited and apply more to those who struggle to control spending. However, eCheck does the limit the number of checks per week, so this is rather mute.

How does eCheck Work

eCheck works in a simple manner. When you choose this option, your deposit will be in the form of an electronic check. Your bank will process this check once it confirms the funds are in place and then will forward the amount of the check to the merchant, or in this case, the casino. It is really that simple, and there is little complicated about it.


Privacy is always on the forefront of people’s mind and using eCheck should cause no worry at all. The same technology that is used to process any online casino deposit applies to eCheck transactions. This means the use of Firewall technology, along with 128-SSL encryption to ensure that the risk or third parties sharing or viewing your information is in place and prevents it. Some may still have doubts, but when you consider the billions, yes billions in transactions carried out monthly using the exact same level of security, it is proven to be reliable and incredibly secure.