Canadian Casinos that Accept MasterCard

MasterCard is one of the world’s most popular payment methods. These cards aren’t only available as a credit card debit card, but can also be used as a debit card, and acts as a loan system to users. Payments are required monthly but can be paid at any time throughout the month. Balances carried over will have interest applied to the amount owing. Any cash advances will begin accumulating interest immediately.

This payment method is accepted worldwide in 210 countries and available at over 25 million businesses. It is available for both retail and online merchants and is a preferred method in Canada as well. Almost all online casinos accept MasterCard and allow users have the ability to transfer real money into their casino account, however for Canadians, this relates to MasterCard prepaid cards only.

Pros and Cons of MasterCard’s at Online Casinos

MasterCard lets users make deposits at online casinos through a number of methods they offer. Payments are instant, highly secure and can be used both to deposit and withdrawal. However as Canadians may only make deposits using a prepaid MasterCard, withdrawals must be processed using a different method such as Ecopayz, or direct to your bank. Once a deposit has been made, the funds are available instantly, making it worthwhile and easy to use.

As we’ve all heard, there have been various cases of credit card fraud relating to online transactions. However, these have nothing to do with the actual casino, but rather cards getting into the hands criminals. The fact that you can use money that is not currently in your possession could also lead to financial difficulty at a later stage. It’s fairly common for people to misuse credit cards and experience difficulty paying the amount spent back, resulting in a bad credit record. Spend responsibly and ensure you only gamble what you can afford, and you will remove this aspect of risk.

How Does MasterCard Work

MasterCard is an international service provider and has become amazingly popular for casino deposits and withdrawals. Canadian users have the ability to enjoy all the features this payment method offers, while also having the ability to play at any time, even if cash on hand is not available, and therefore making a convenient choice.

To use a MasterCard as a deposit method, it will require that you enter the card number and relevant information. When entering the cashier section of the casino, you will need to select MasterCard and complete the required fields. This will include the name on the card, card number, expiry date and 3 digit CVC number on the back of the card. Bear in mind, most Canadian finical institutions do not allow for direct transactions with online gaming establishments, and therefore using your MasterCard directly with the casino may be blocked. In that case, a prepaid MasterCard, or using a web wallet and funding it with your card is an ideal option.


MasterCard uses state of the art technology to ensure transactions are secure and completely private. The use of 128-SSL encryption is in place to deliver this level of security making all payments secure. However, you will always receive a statement of all transactions and therefore will be able to track your spending.

Even though this service is safe during online transactions, users need to be careful about where their details are stored and ensure their cards are always protected. Unfortunately, only the card and user identification number are required to complete an online transaction. However, with the new text message security system it has become safer in that regard, but not impossible for someone to bypass it. This is incredibly rare with online casinos and billions are transacted yearly without issue.