Canadian Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a currency unlike any other, in traditional currency systems it is governments who are printing currency, although Bitcoin it not printed but instead is mined across the internet. It is a digital currency that was created electronically, Bitcoin was introduced in the idea in 2008 on the 31st of October and the currency is not controlled by anyone, it is also the first type of money known as a cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of the currency and introduced it as an open source in 2009. By February 2015, merchants accepting Bitcoin services passed the 100,000 mark.

While conventional currencies are based on silver or gold, Bitcoin is based on mathematics. Its mathematical formula can be checked by anyone using programs that are based on mathematical formulas such as Bitcoin.  While banks make it almost impossible to open an account currently, a Bitcoin address can be set up in seconds, no fees attached and no questions asked.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin Blackjack and Bitcoin bonus Codes

Where banks could charge up to £10 per international transfer, Bitcoin does not. All transactions are fast and the currency arrives within minutes into your casino account.  The currency enables peer-to-peer transactions with no intermediate/middle man needed, this contributes to its privacy and cost effectiveness and it is now decentralized as a digital currency. One drawback to bitcoin is that once sent, there is no way of retrieving your Bitcoins back. The only way to get them back is if the receiver agrees to send them back. Prior to using bitcoin you are required to open a once off wallet.

When playing blackjack with bitcoins and using bitcoin bonus codes, they work in the same manner as any other currency would. The only difference is you are using bitcoins to wager with or part thereof and winnings are based on the amount staked and the value of the bitcoins. Bonus codes work in the same manner and are applied based on the amount deposited and the value of the bonus.

How does Bitcoin work for Live Dealer Casinos?

In numerous countries, online gambling is a risky business, especially in the US where online gambling is illegal. With the new currency, gamblers in such countries can now gamble with absolute privacy with a digital currency instead of traditional currencies. Once the cryptocurrency became popular several online casinos started accepting Bitcoin and hundreds of Bitcoin focussed sites launched.  Numerous wallets are now available of which several is cloud based and some can be downloaded, but basically, all wallets offer the same functionality when it comes to transferring funds privately to your casino account.

Highly recommended Bitcoin Online Casinos for iPad, iPhone and HTML5

Online players can now select to play anonymously at several online casinos and the number of casinos accepting Bitcoin is most certainly increasing. Both Slots. LV Casino and Bodog Casino is highly respected online casinos welcoming players who wish to deposit Bitcoin. When playing with Slots.LV, new members are greeted with amazingly generous free bonuses and member benefits that include reliable friendly support, fast & efficient banking services, and access to an incredible gaming library.

At Bodog Casino members can enjoy blackjack games, table games, slots, video pokers, specialty games and achieving a big win or progressive jackpot win gets your name on the announcement script. The casino focuses on sport, poker, and horses apart from the incredible casino site and monthly, weekly, daily and surprise promotions are a regular occurrence.

The Bitcoin link on the main page opens up an option to create a wallet and offers video instructions on how to make your first deposit. Bodog Casino has been the most popular online casino selected by thousands of Canadian players who demands an unparalleled gaming experience, feature-rich poker rooms, world-class sportsbook and industry leading odds.   Since 1994, Bodog Casino offers services that can be trusted and is licensed & regulated by the Caribbean Nation in Antigua. New members enjoy up to $1,500 in welcome bonuses and a dedicated team is eager to assist all members 24/7 via phone or email.


Bitcoin is kind of anonymous and anyone can hold multiple addresses since they are not linked to names or addresses, the only trace is the blockchain, which holds details of every single transaction that has ever happened. Online players who use Bitcoin to fund their accounts stays completely anonymous since the casino never gets the information stored on the blockchain.